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Special Sessions

Special sessions of DASSL are held over summer and winter break with the specific goal of promoting scientific research and scholarship among undergraduate students, as well as to introduce students to modern tools and processes in software and data engineering.

Summer sessions are called “Summer DASSL” and run six weeks with the option of extending to ten weeks. Winter sessions are called “Winter DASSL” and span 2-4 weeks. Both sessions are rather intensive and engage students 4-5 days a week, 6-8 hours a day.

During special sessions, students are introduced to a “research process” and are given opportunities to research, discuss, write, present, and solve problems related to data science and data-intensive systems.

All activities are carried out in the context of real-life applications so students learn and apply practical skills that can set them apart from other CS graduates. The activities also help students build online portfolios including source code, test plans, documentation, and other artifacts employers often review in the hiring process.

Special sessions held: